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Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

Schoeneberger Strasse 3 | 10963 Berlin | Germany


Public Transport (BVG)


We have planned room allocations in the hotel Mövenpick for you at the following rates:

Single room – 119 € per night including breakfast

Double/Twin room – 129 € per night including breakfast


Bookings using the keyword “Translate! 2016” are possible until March 21, 2016.


phone +49 30 23006186


The Event has been certified with 13 points in the category A by the Berlin General Medical Council.
Please keep your barcode ready on-site.


Science Translational Medicine (STM)

A profound transition is required for the science of translational medicine. Despite 50 years of advances in our fundamental understanding of human biology and the emergence of powerful new technologies, the rapid transformation of this knowledge into effective health measures continues to elude biomedical scientists. This paradox illustrates the daunting complexity of the challenges faced by translational researchers as they apply the basic discoveries and experimental approaches of modern science to the alleviation of human disease. Studies in humans often highlight deep gaps in our fundamental understanding of biology, but the linkages back to basic research to fill these gaps have not been as effective as they could be. Clearly, creative experimental approaches, novel technologies and new ways of conducting scientific explorations at the interface of established and emerging disciplines are now required to an unprecedented degree if real progress is to be made. Nothing short of a true reinvention of the science of translational medicine is likely to suffice. To aid in this reinvention, Science and AAAS created the interdisciplinary journal, Science Translational Medicine.

Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)

In the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) and the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin have joined forces. Our core idea is to combine translational research with an overarching systems medicine approach to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical application. We are bringing these two worlds of science together in a shared research space, since close exchange between experimental research and medical practice is crucial when it comes to developing improved diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive procedures for the sake of human health. We define our mission as the transformation of advances in life sciences research – for example in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry – into benefits for patients.

Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT)

Regenerative medicine - this is our passion. The BCRT was established as an interdisciplinary translational center with the goal of enhancing endogenous regeneration by cells, biomaterials, and factors which can be used to develop and implement innovative therapies and products. The primary focus of the BCRT is on diseases of the immune system, the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system for which currently only unsatisfactory treatment options are available. At the BCRT clinicians and researchers are working closely together on the medicine of the future: Targeted, personalized medicine that depends on the early recognition of patients' individual healing potential.